Tall Blonde vs Curvy Redhead

Delirious Hunter is a Tall blonde all Natural bad ass. She’s long, lean and very flexible and she’s hoping her flexibility will help her defeat Bella Rossi. Bella Rossi is our Vet for this match. She’s an all natural curvy redhead with years of wrestling experience. With Two very flexible, tough girls on the mat, it’s sure to be a fun match. These girls flip all over the mats trying to avoid fingers and orgasms. However, try as they might, they can’t stop it from cumming. One girls is completely stuck on the mats. Her legs locked up in the dominant girl’s legs. She is immobilized and fingered close to orgasm. The ref sees that there may need to be some extra help needed so she hands the dominant wrestler a vibrator and she uses it on her opponent until she is weak with orgasms and made to surrender. The winner ties up the loser with her own bands then spreads her pussy open and fingers and fucks it. The the winner face sits the loser’s face and rides it until she cums.111ddd1t7711

New CATFIGHT site. Lesbian Sex Fight.


I’d like to present new Catfight site: DefeatedSexFight.com

You will see fights between sexy girls, pornstars with big boobs!!! Blondes, brunettes, lesbians in really SexFights!!!

Loser cums first. Giving us a really Hot and impressive show, Locked Positions, always clit to clit, obligating the opponent to orgasm..
And of course… Facesitting for the loser!

I want to show you some photos (from 30-40min movies) from  DefeatedSexFight.com

Which Pussy is Better? Competitive pussy to pussy tribbing sexfight

pussy to pussy tribbing sexfight

pussy to pussy tribbing sexfight

For a long time Nataly and Sweetcat have fought many girls on the roster of Defeatedsexfight. From blondes to brunettes.
But never was decided who the Alpha blonde in the group is. So they meet to take on each other in a sexfight. Nataly comes in her sweet blue dress, while Sweetcat wears a hot pink dress.

blondes vs brunettes

blondes vs brunettes

Loser cums first.

Loser cums first.

Loser cums first.

English Catfight

Post Office delivery lady Danielle Maye (sexy blonde) has a very important parcel for this wicked brunette (Sophia Delane). But there is additional postage to pay on it and Sophia havent money and is not the mood to pay it. Though she very wants her parcel. But she intends to take it whatever the cost. english-catfight-01.jpg

I have only two photo this catfight. This photo from end of match. Blonde loses panty, lingerie and you see her pretty vagina and good breast. Do you like naked endings?


Sexy Catfight

sexy-catfight-01.jpg sexy-catfight-02.jpg sexy-catfight-03.jpg

Two sexy girls Tiffany and Nikky work in laboratory. Their main aim – find a new formula of the super lubricant, the special oil for sex industry. Sometimes they use experimental lubricant for anal sex with their guys. But after experiments their holes feel a some pain… But last night Tiffany and her boyfriend checked  new formula of lubricant. They had super anal sex three times and … hole of Tiffany didn’t felt pain. Tiffany was so happy. New formula was found.
But when Tiffany returned in lab … her paper with formula was not…  This bitch Nikky threw paper in garbage. Nikky will have a good experience, Tiffany will use hole of Nikky for new tests. But Nikky don’t agrees with new idea, she is resists. But what can she do with experienced and wicked blonde? But before her gentle hole will have good sex, we can see sexy catfight.

sexy-catfight-04.jpg sexy-catfight-05.jpg sexy-catfight-06.jpg

Story from site NudeFightClub.com

Bedroom Lingerie Catfight

Bedroom Lingerie Catfight Bedroom Lingerie Catfight Bedroom Lingerie Catfight

Why these sexy girls so brutal to each other? They have so sexy legs, breasts and lingerie. Why they are fighting in the bedroom?
Answer is very simple. One girl talking that her breast more sexy than small tits girlfriend. This is humiliation – only first part…

Bedroom Lingerie Catfight Bedroom Lingerie Catfight  Bedroom Lingerie Catfight

She talking too: my ass so sexy that your young guy fucked her by his big cock three times in week … Girlfriend not from of those who are crying from similar words. She beats girlfriend without pity. Her breast not sexy anymore… She got new boyfriend, but her body is spoiled in fights…
This is only first part of this battle. In second part: this girl forced to lick pussy of girlfriend without pity too

Without Catfight

Hello, guys! This post about scene without catfight, more precisely about “job test” for girl. More more precisely about humiliation girls that you usually see after catfight. It is most interesting and sexy moment.
More shameful I don’t saw before…

Without Catfight

Firstly: sexy girl 23 years old – wants to get new job. She comes to the interview … Her prospective boss – blonde woman, she is sits at the table and asks questions. She is crazy about the young girl’s body…  Assistant of boss wants to fuck her right now…
Boss asks girl show her young body. Girl is very confused and does not know what she must talking in this situation… Guy-assistant smiled and said “show us you body, tits and vagina. Sex with me (and boss) – this is part of your future works!”. She really wants to get this job…

Without Catfight Without Catfight Without Catfight Without Catfight Without Catfight
Some mins later she was left without a shirt, skirt, shoes. Shame. But she could not left without lingerie! She is very confused.
But guy-assistant forced her to take off all clothes!
Sexy body, tits, vagina …. mmmm…
Boss and assistant of boss photographed her in various poses. Guy said, that if she will tell to someone about this “job test”, then her photos will upload on porn sites and facebook.
But and this – not all.

Without Catfight Without Catfight Without Catfight Without Catfight
Last test – blow job and sex with two plastic cocks. Guy said “She know how doing that very good. Her experience liked me.”
She is got new work. But what her waiting in future?

Without Catfight Without Catfight Without Catfight  Without Catfight

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SchoolGirl Catfight

Tushy School Presents:

Blonde came into school the only third time this month, and her teacher was very, very pissed off. Her teacher (cute brunette Gina) is very strong, and Lori knows about this. Teacher decided Gina she was going to be kicked out of school. Young blonde pleaded with Lori that she would do anything to stay in this school. Lori pulled out a strapon from her table and asked “all?”. Young blonde was shocked and she slapped by hand the teacher … scared! Small catfight: schoolgirl VS teacher. Blonde lost this battle and got a small lesson for ass.
After spanking she agreed that she would do anything! “anything” – this is first ANAL sex with teacher.
Watch as teacher gives for stupid girl a lesson she will never forget!

SchoolGirl Catfight

SchoolGirl Catfight

SchoolGirl Catfight SchoolGirl Catfight SchoolGirl Catfight

SchoolGirl Catfight

SchoolGirl Catfight

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New office catfight

The CATFIGHT.TV presents!

New sexy secretary in office – this is new rivalry with old!
New worker Erin first day on the new work. She is helper of boss. But secretary Isabella jealous of her sexy and shapely legs in new pantyhose. She think that boss will sleep only with new girl, because her pussy more fresh than her own. She may lose his job.
Erin laughs and calls old secretary a jealous bitch. Because Erin knows that she has best legs (and pussy too … ) and that their boss thinks the same way.
After one harsh word secretary not stand up and starts beating girl.
What happens next? One answer: secretary bitch brawl with hair pulling and pantyhose ripping!

office catfight

office catfight

office catfight     office catfight

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School Girl Catfight

School Girl Catfight School Girl Catfight School Girl Catfight

This sexy girl works in a school cafeteria. During the lesson she wanted to caress but haven’t free cock, because in school work only women. What does she do? During the lesson she want to masturbate her wet pussy … in the room of director! But the school director suddenly finds her in the begin of act! Shock! But her pussy so wet … Our girl makes offer for strict women … She asked her: “you must lick my sweet pussy, now? Or you will doing this after lesson?” WOW!!

Woman-director so sexy in her black lingerie … But her answer “No, bitch, now you will lick my pussy!”. And catfight begin! Pain, fear and shock can be seen in this match. Who will lick pussy? Sexy girl or strict women?

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School Girl Catfight School Girl Catfight School Girl Catfight

Tanya Danielle catfight

Tanya Danielle catfight

Tanya Danielle catfight Tanya Danielle catfight Tanya Danielle catfight

Tanya Danielle – is experienced fighter. But in this catfight her experience can’t help her. Sexy blonde Tanya and Jewell Marceau decide to settle their disagreement in a bathroom.
In this catfight you can see hairpulling and lots of slaps. Jewell used a shower and claws for punishment Tanya.

Tanya Danielle catfight Tanya Danielle catfight

Jewell hates the big breast of Tanya. She hits her breast and tells: “you are bitch, why you have so big breast? may be you want lick my sweet pussy?” I really don’t know end of this catfight, but think that Tanya will know taste of pussy of her girlfriend… Other pics you can see here