Sexy Blondes Catfight

Dirty Catfight Between Supertar Blonde Rivals!

This is the bitch fight you’ve always wished to see between two of the hottest blondes on the planet and now your wish has been granted! Hairpulling, tit twisting, nipple pinching, face sitting, and vicious crotch clawing. These girls really hate one another, but why not let them tell you how much they can’t stand one another:

Bobbi Eden had this to say before fighting Penthouse Pet, and hated blonde rival, Jana Cova:

“Jana Cova is nothing but a stuck up, little dirty slut. The stupid blonde bitch actually thinks she’s the hottest thing ever and I really can’t stand watching her prance around on the set with her nose sticking up in the air like her shit don’t stink. It took all my self-control from grabbing her by her bleached blonde hair and pulling it out by her dark roots.

And I’m tired of that delusional bitch telling everyone that we both work with that I’m so jealous of her and that I really want to be like her and that’s why I don’t like her stupid arrogant ass. That makes me laugh. Be like her! Please! Why would I want to be stupid and ugly with little saggy boobs and short stubby legs and a big fat ass?

This day took awhile. I actually wanted to fight the bitch for a long time now, ever since we did a photo shoot about a year ago where we were just doing photos for a catfight site and she slapped my ass for real, but I mean really hard. I was so pissed off at the time that I turned around to hit her in the face but the bitch was already running away smirking and pointing at me like the chickenshit bitch she is. I went after her but the photographer grabbed me by the waist and held me back. I was so angry that I didn’t have a chance to get my hands on her, but in my mind I wasn’t done with the bitch.

She avoided me for almost a year, but just recently, I just happened to get her cell phone number from her old boyfriend (and FYI now he knows I’m better than her too) and when she answered her phone and I heard her snotty little voice, I called her every nasty name that I could think of and told her, I want to fight you you stupid bitch. She said that was fine with her, that she hated me too and wanted to fight me. I asked the bitch how she wanted to fight it out and she had the nerve to say that she didn’t care, she’d fight me anyway anywhere, just make it soon.

I couldn’t believe it when after I hung up that that she had actually accepted my challenge to settle things, once and for all, woman to woman – and that was a week ago.

So finally here we are and we’re going to have it out at last. I can’t even tell you how much I’ve been looking forward to this. I’ve pictured it in my head a thousand times. I can’t wait to get my hands tangled in that stupid bitch’s dyed blonde hair so I can pull it out! Besides, I already know, I’m sexier than her, I’m stronger than her, and I know (and so does her ex) that I can make love better than her! And she’ll learn this soon enough!