FELICIA had spent most of the night at a well-known Vegas Gentlemen’s Club enjoying the sizzling female entertainment while drinking vodka way past her threshold. When she left to go back to her hotel, she was feeling no pain and she itched for a real clawing catfight. She wanted to find a bitch with attitude so she could tear into and rip her hair out by the roots. She preferred she be blonde so she could imagine it was JENZ.

In the hotel lobby she asked three or four different women if they would come to her hotel room and fight her for money and they simply thought she was drunk and walked away. Frustrated and still itching for a bitch fight, she got on the elevator to go to her room. In the same elevator, there happened to be a big boobed bleached blonde hooker who looked her up and down like she was some sort of competition as she was sandwiched between two guys. She was glaring at FELICIA up and down.

“What are you looking at, whore?” FELICIA spat. The hooker glared right at FELICIA and said, “Obviously, nothing much, bitch!” The guys were enjoying the catty exchange but FELICIA didn’t care. This was just what she wanted. It looked like this bitch ho might actually give her a good catfight. FELICIA looked the hooker up and down and shook her head in obvious disgust. “You got a problem with me, bitch,” the hooker spat. “Yeah, I got a problem,” FELICIA said without hesitation. “ I can’t stand you cheap sluts stinking up the hotel I’m staying at. This place has class and you don’t, so get the fuck out of here.”
The hooker started to move toward FELICIA, but the two guys held her back and at the same time the elevator had stopped on their floor which happened to be her floor too. “I’ll kick your ass, bitch,” the hooker yelled over her shoulder.

FELICIA laughed. “I’m so fucking scared, you skank. Scared I might catch something nasty from you, slut.” “The nasty thing you’ll catch is my fist! Do you want to get it on bitch, because I sure want a piece of your ugly fat ass!” “Yeah, I want more than a piece of you. And look who’s talking about a fat ass, you disgusting pig. And when I’m finished tearing you up, ho, that’s all that will be left of you, pieces.” FELICIA then pulled two hundred dollar bills from inside her bra and said, “When you’re through with them, this is yours if you can beat me in a catfight, whore. If you got the fuckin’ guts to show.” FELICIA stopped by her room while the two amused men and the prostitute kept walking toward down the hall.
The hooker yelled over her shoulder. “Don’t worry, big mouth, I’ll come visit you and take your money so don’t hide under the covers, bitch,” the blonde hissed. “Oh, and have that money out where I can see it; I don’t want to have to look for it after I kick your nasty bitch ass all over your room. And I can guarantee you’re going to need maid service just to clean up your blood.” “Sounds like me got a date, bitch. I’ll be waiting for you, you filthy, dirty stinking ho!” FELICIA yelled back. And FELICIA didn’t have to wait long: twenty minutes later she got what she wanted. The big boobed blonde hooker pounded on the door and FELICIA opened it up and in she came.

Without a word he blonde took off her jewelry and FELICIA put the two hundred dollars on the night stand. The blonde hooker came ready to fight for real, but so did FELICIA. How lucky can we be that we happened to have a video camera going? So here’s the real, uncensored video of a catfight in a Vegas Hotel Room between FELICIA and a real life call girl! This bitch fight is wild off the charts!