Bitch Fight

After FELICIA’s humiliating loss to CHASTITY, she was angry, sore, but more importantly, soon after she regained consciousness, she began to remember all that had happened to bring her to her present state of being. She remembered leaving the hospital, how JOHANNA, the big breasted Swedish girl, had brought a confused FELICIA unknowingly into the Escort Service business without ever explaining the type of job she had signed on for and they type of people she would have to work with and what she would have to do to earn her money.

Bitch Fight Bitch Fight

And only a few hours earlier, JOHANNA had also sent word to FELICIA that she had better run fast and never show her “stupid” face again in this part of town or she was personally going to “kick” FELICIA’S “sorry ass” twice as bad as CHASTITY had for losing both JOHANNA’S good client and his money when she was unable to perform for him that evening.

Bitch Fight Bitch Fight

But FELICIA did not run. Instead, she did just the opposite. She called JOHANNA and told her if she wanted to fight to meet her in the exact same hotel room she had lost to CHASTITY in if she wasn’t a “chicken shit bitch”.

FELICIA rode up the same elevator, heading to the same room she had lost a viscious catfight. But this time something was going to be different, this time FELICIA remembered exactly who she was and what she needed to do…

Bitch Fight Bitch Fight Bitch Fight Bitch Fight