Sexy Catfight

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Two sexy girls Tiffany and Nikky work in laboratory. Their main aim – find a new formula of the super lubricant, the special oil for sex industry. Sometimes they use experimental lubricant for anal sex with their guys. But after experiments their holes feel a some pain… But last night Tiffany and her boyfriend checked¬† new formula of lubricant. They had super anal sex three times and … hole of Tiffany didn’t felt pain. Tiffany was so happy. New formula was found.
But when Tiffany returned in lab … her paper with formula was not…¬† This bitch Nikky threw paper in garbage. Nikky will have a good experience, Tiffany will use hole of Nikky for new tests. But Nikky don’t agrees with new idea, she is resists. But what can she do with experienced and wicked blonde? But before her gentle hole will have good sex, we can see sexy catfight.

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