Catfight Club - 2.0

Hello, guys! This post about scene without catfight, more precisely about “job test” for girl. More more precisely about humiliation girls that you usually see after catfight. It is most interesting and sexy moment.
More shameful I don’t saw before…

Without Catfight

Firstly: sexy girl 23 years old - wants to get new job. She comes to the interview … Her prospective boss - blonde woman, she is sits at the table and asks questions. She is crazy about the young girl’s body…  Assistant of boss wants to fuck her right now…
Boss asks girl show her young body. Girl is very confused and does not know what she must talking in this situation… Guy-assistant smiled and said “show us you body, tits and vagina. Sex with me (and boss) - this is part of your future works!”. She really wants to get this job…

Without Catfight Without Catfight Without Catfight Without Catfight Without Catfight
Some mins later she was left without a shirt, skirt, shoes. Shame. But she could not left without lingerie! She is very confused.
But guy-assistant forced her to take off all clothes!
Sexy body, tits, vagina …. mmmm…
Boss and assistant of boss photographed her in various poses. Guy said, that if she will tell to someone about this “job test”, then her photos will upload on porn sites and facebook.
But and this - not all.

Without Catfight Without Catfight Without Catfight Without Catfight
Last test - blow job and sex with two plastic cocks. Guy said “She know how doing that very good. Her experience liked me.”
She is got new work. But what her waiting in future?

Without Catfight Without Catfight Without Catfight  Without Catfight

Owner of these photos - owner of site Totally Undressed lets me publish only these photos, but if you will visit Totally Undressed - you can see movie with this set …
Welcome: Totally Undressed

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