Wife vs Mistress. Pantyhose Catfight

Erin and Melissa were tight friends in college until they both fell head over heels in love with the ace baseball star, John Mckenzie. Things were still all well until John began dating Erin more seriously and one day proposed to her.

Meanwhile, Melissa kept her crush on John a secret and went on to build her modeling career and establish herself as a Penthouse Pet. John again happened to meet Melissa accidentally one day and soon they began to have an affair with Melissa very happy to don the role of a mistress.

Erin began having her suspicions on John when she saw a credit card purchase for two sets of black lingerie and pantyhose while she only had been gifted one. To top it, John went on and planned a no-brainer idea of inviting Melissa on the same vacation to Rome.

When Erin catches Melissa red-handed and accuses her of her affair with John, it leads to heated argument that quickly turns nasty when Erin bitch slaps Melissa.

Erin tries to teach Melissa a lesson by trying to rip off her clothes in front of the hotel staff, an effort that is given back tit-for-tat by Melissa. Things only get worse as Melissa pulls Erin’s hair and squeezes her tits until the nipple-biting action elicits a scream from Erin.

As the clothes come off, both have their black pantyhose torn to shreds. The show of power is finally over when Melissa rips off the last of Erin’s clothes and breast smothers Erin into submission.

Melissa then wastes no time in showing John who he should have chosen for his wife.

Pantyhose Catfight Pantyhose Catfight Pantyhose Catfight Pantyhose Catfight

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