Girlfriend Catfight

Erin has known Andie since back from the internship program that both took together. Being from the same city, they happened to share a room together for the entire duration of the program. They had been in touch on and off and kept tabs about what was happening in each other’s lives. When Andie got to know that Erin had walked out of her marriage because of her husband John’s illicit affair with Melissa, she immediately called her up to empathize with her and even invited her to share her small apartment with Erin till she found a place of her own.

Erin was very happy to be getting a shoulder to cry on during her difficult times. Andie for her part was very accommodating and cared a lot for Erin. Even while trying to be a good friend, Andie finds some things hard to deal with, like the way in which Erin blatantly uses all of Andie’s clothes and personal things without asking.

Matters get really heated up when Andie walks in one day to see Erin strutting around in the sexy lingerie that Andie’s model boyfriend Billy had given for her last birthday. When Andie confronts Erin about it, Erin just brushes her off matter-of-factly saying that she found it lying unused in its original packaging and just thought she would try it on.

When Erin asks her opinion on how it looks on her, it totally pisses Andie off and she screams at Erin to remove it and not to use any of her things again. Erin just refuses to oblige so Andie pushes Erin on the bed and tries to forcibly get her lingerie back. This only makes Erin defensive and soon both get into the action with biting, pulling hair and scratching.
As the clothes get torn off one by one, Erin has a go at Andie’s tits and she squeezes so hard that Andie screams her head off. With adrenaline racing from all the action, Andie finally manages to get Erin on the floor and teaches her that it is not right to use anybody else’s personal things without seeking prior permission. “Especially someone who can kick your ass, bitch!”

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