Catfight Club - 2.0

I’m a student of college. My most sexy teacher stayed with me after lesson. I ask her about my future (I have been a bad student). But I thinks about other. I see her sexy legs.. Huge tits… My head has been so red.. She say “my boy, may be you want to see my sexy body?”. I say “Yes, I want to see your pussy and your sexy ass”. “Ok, but you must show me you cock. And masturbate!”
She take off all clothes and show me sexy body.. I want to fuck her! But she say “Striptease only, my husband will be very unhappy if you will fuck me!” But I very want her.. She kick my cock. Our fight is ended after several seconds.. I forced her to sex with me. Brutal sex with teacher has been so good. We fucked every wednesday after lessons :)

teacher student fight policy fight teacher owned bitch teacher fight

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1 Comments «Bitch Teacher Fight»

  1. Alex | 25.03.2008 в 10:46

    Cool! I like sexy teacher!!